Brussels Bubble Tea

This was a first for me and way out of my regular comfort zone.

I recently had the privilege of joining a thoughtful and empowering discussion on the Brussels Bubble Tea podcast alongside my FTI Brussels colleagues, Jade Bourion, Ani Gundes and Anaïs Laporte. I’m glad I took the chance to talk about the intersection of chronic diseases and the workplace. Our conversation focused on our personal experiences, the significance of understanding and accommodation in the workplace, and the importance of open communication. While I don’t find my own challenges to be comparable to those of Jade and Anaïs, I was very happy I could add my voice and perspective in support of this much needed conversation.

Each of us shared our unique journeys, shedding light on the challenges, coping mechanisms, and the supportive culture that can make a significant difference. From Jade’s innovative “traffic light” system to Anaïs’ quest for work-life balance and my own insights on working with ADD. With understanding, openness, and a dash of creativity, we can create workplaces that celebrate diversity in every form.

You can check out the podcast below. Happy to hear any reflections and thoughts. Let’s keep this conversation going!

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