Introducing Brand Sparks

I can finally announce a new creative tool which I’ve been working on for this past year. For over two decades, both Nicky Lauwerijssen and I have been working with a wide range of brands to develop their visual identity. However, we’ve noticed there is often a lot of uncertainty with brand owners: Is our branding a good fit? Should we rebrand? Are there things we need to change? These questions can be challenging to address, so we are developing a hands-on tool to make this process easier and more intuitive. ​

Introducing Brand Sparks! 🔥​

Based on years of experience and a desire to make the process of auditing and strengthening your branding more manageable and above all more actionable, Brand Sparks is a hands-on tool to discuss your brand’s core foundations, key touchpoints and everyday usability. Our aim? Kickstart conversations to shape your brand’s future with clarity and confidence, resulting in clear action points. This isn’t only useful for companies looking to rebrand, but for anyone who values their branding impact and wants to ensure they are building on a solid foundation.​

Before we officially launch, we’re giving you the chance to experience it first. We will be selecting 3 or 4 brands of various sizes to try Brand Sparks free of charge in exchange for some valuable feedback which will help us refine and perfect our way of working.​

What You Get:​

– An immersive 2-hour workshop​
– An audit of your brand’s foundations, touchpoints and usability​
– A post-workshop report with clear action points​

Brand leaders, designers, marketing managers, start-up founders, and everyone in between: Drop us an email! Together, let’s spark the next chapter of your brand story!​

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