Running on Fumes

This year I’ve learned something that I’ve neglected for years. The to do that always was at the bottom of my priority list in the day to day busyness. It finally dawned on me just how important investing in yourself is. It’s as vital as fuel to a car – without it, we risk running on fumes trying desperately to keep moving forward. 🚗 ⛽ 🚫

We pour ourselves into our work on a daily basis. But like a car requires fuel, our mind needs refuelling too. This year, the true value hit me. I went to OFFF Festival, a design festival in Barcelona. I was on the fence at first – thinking about the € and time it would cost me. Previous years I decided it wasn’t worth it, but this year I let one of our designers, Bram Slootmans, convince me to give it go. Now I’m very happy I went. The talks, people and experience gave me a big boost, but it went beyond that. The positive mindset and motivation to do great work played a crucial role in landing one of my biggest projects ever shortly after. The ROI was clear.

Today, I’m attending the Podcastfestival in Oostende. Next week, it’s a two-day generative AI course with our lead developer – I’m not sure which role those will play in my work, but I find it fascinating subjects which will hopefully open up new opportunities and keep me moving.

Invest in yourself. Don’t sideline your personal growth and interests for immediate returns. Explore, learn, and challenge yourself. Our creative fuel should be regularly topped up for your creative journey.

What fuels you?

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